Directions to our barbecue and bonfire

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On foot or on bycicle

Lustnau: Busstop Kreuzstrasse, Line 7

  1. Cross the street and take the bycicle route towards Bebenhausen. Your way follows a creek.
  2. If you are on the right way, you should encounter a child's playground on your left.
    If yes, please proceed!
  3. After another 10 min. (that is, if you pick up your feet :-) you will see a small hut on the right hand side. As you are certainly tired after this strenuous journey, I recommend a short rest - but make it short.
  4. As we proceed, we see a spring on the right hand side. You almost made it
  5. After another 10 min. you will se a football field on the right hand side.
  6. Right ahead, you cross a creek via a small bridge and turn right into the forest. After a couple of minutes, you should find our fireplace.
So, don't hesitate and follow this wonderful plan to our fireplace.

By car

  1. Leave Tübingen on the road to Bebenhausen; park on the second parking lot on the right hand side.
  2. In the following, descend from your vehicle. After this strenuous action, I recommend all travellers to take a short walk straight into the forest and to look out for balloons - these should help you a little :-)
Good Journey!
Yours Svetlana