EURO 2004: Greek - Czech Republic


Where? at the "Saints and Scholars" (next to the "Brechtbau", Wilhemlstraße) to city map
When? Thursday, 2004-7-1 at 8 pm.

Czech undefeated

Karel Brückner's boys have not lost a single match during the entire EURO. Even more, the Czech have won all matches - all except one: The Netherlands scored an 1:1 in the qualifiying round (2003-3-29). Well, let's hope, they keep this score up!

Quarterfinals Czech Republic - Danmark 3:0

After a quite moderate first half, Jan Koller (1:0) and Milan Baroš (2:0 und 3:0) turn this match into a triump. Report on Czech vs. - Denmark

Group Phase

The Czech Team is the only team to defeated all it's rivals. (In contrast to the Germans, who have not scored a single victory). The Czech have won

If you still don't know, who is playing against whom and why, take a look at and check for the latest news.