EURO 2004: Germay - Czech Republic


Where? at the "Saints and Scholars" (next to the "Brechtbau", Wilhemlstraße) to city map
When? Wednesday, 2004-6-23 at 8 pm.

This wednesday, the czech will meet the team of Rudi Völler. Both teams already met twice at the EURO 1996 - in the first phase of the tournament and later in the final match. Well, it looks like this game is going to be tense...

What is Phase 1?

At the EURO, there are 4 groups (A-D); the first group consists of:

Only the two teams with the most points will make it to the quarter finals. All teams from the same group play against each other. The winner receives 3 points, a draw gives 1 point and a lost match - what a pity - means no credits at all.

Czech republic first in Group D

The Czech team has already won the matches against Latvia and the Netherlands! With these 6 poins, the Czech are already on their way to the quarter finals, as none of the other teams has won a match so far. The german team has scored two points with two draws, the netherlands and latvia both have one point.

If you still don't know, who is playing against whom and why, take a look at and check for the latest news.